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Web Design & WordPress Design

CSS web design is a combination of good layout and design with graphics, and typography. I offer services for complete website development/custom website design, as well as wordpress theme customization or any other template customization. If you already have a site, I also offer redesigns all at affordable rates. All to create a very professional look and feel to your website. In addition to website creation I offer SEO services.

The Finishers Painting
Website overall with CMS via Wordpress

Clean structure of site. Converted to CMS via Wordpress. Custom video post, custom testimonial post.

Skills Used:
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Wordpress
  • SEO

City: Plano, TX

apartment finder web site design
Dallas Apartment Finder
Website Redesign to more modern website

Took outdated design and translated into a more modern and code friendly website. Stripped out all tables in the code and replaced with CSS style structure, cleaned up hidden links on single pages and integrated a more navigational friendly website.

Skills Used:
  • CSS
  • HTML

City: Dallas, TX