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Archive for the ‘OpenCart’ Category

Atom Custom File Type Detection

In this example I will show you how you can set OpenCart’s .tpl file extension to read as PHP when opening in Atom Editor. Open your config.cson file. Underneath core: add: customFileTypes: 'text.html.php': [ 'tpl' ] text.html.php is the “source” and the tpl is the file extension. Now when you open a .tpl file it […]


Open Cart vQmod to Remove List View

Remove List View in Open Cart Recently I wrote a post on how to remove the list view in Open Cart. It is fairly easy, and since I have been having to do it quite often for client sites, I figured I might as well write a vQmod for this purpose. Im fairly new to […]


Removing List View fom OpenCart

How to remove list view or grid view from OpenCart Having the ability to swap between a list view and grid view is pretty nice and makes a flexible accommodating user interface for the user. But personally I do not like the list view. You don’t really get much more information and it just makes […]